Sponsor A Diabetes Patient

Many recent studies determine the risk factors for diabetes in Pakistan using a systematic review and meta-analysis. According to a recent IDF report, diabetes has increased at an alarming rate since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Approximately 49,418 individuals were diagnosed with diabetes in the last year throughout Pakistan.

To be precise, there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of diabetes in Pakistan. Diabetes Patients need you. The Diabetes Centre is playing its part in curing those who suffer from diabetes in Pakistan.

The Cost of one patient treatment is 9,000 per month including medications & diagnosis. Your Zakat and other donation will make an impact on thousand of lives.

Sponsor A Dialysis Patient

Donate To TDC To Improve The Life And Health Of Dialysis Patient

Kidney complications with diabetes are very common in patients, because diabetes injure your small blood vessels which lead to blockage of blood supply in kidney. More than 25 million Pakistanis are suffering from kidney disease. The Diabetes Centre kidney care department is also providing treatment to underprivileged community who cannot afford their treatment cost. The treatment we provide to the patients include Dialysis consultation, Dialysis medicines and lab services. Our specialized department is equipped with 6 dialysis units.


TDC’s Dialysis centre has improved the quality of life in thousands of dialysis patients by providing them best treatment including deserving dialysis patients.


According to a survey conducted by the Global Giving Organization, 25 million people in this Pakistan suffer from kidney failure. More than 1,324 sessions has been conducted free in 2021.

Our Goals

We have 50 patients on our waiting list. Currently, we are performing on dialyzing 13 patients which is completely free of cost, the minimum cost of supporting one dialysis patient is 7,000 PKR and monthly cost is 28,000 PKR. TDC Not only provides free medicines but also regularly follow up with our patients. We are looking for more support from our donors who can help us to save the lives of underprivileged people.

Sponsor An Eye Patient

Diabetic Eye Disease And TDC: How Does It Help?

Eyes are the important part of human body which helps us to see the beautiful world which Almighty given us. And there is a lot of problems which lead to damage the eye in which the major one is diabetes eye complication. The major issues patients usually face is diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, cataracts, and glaucoma and Over a time this can be the major cause of damage eyes, poor vision and blindness.

The Diabetes Centre is proving complete treatment of eyes that includes diagnostics like fundoscopy, OCT and refraction, and specialized treatment for retinopathy like laser therapy and anti-VEGF injection under the supervision of TDC Trained and experienced Eye Specialists.


TDC’s Eye Care Clinic has seen thousands of patients and performed 23,854 eye scans, saving a large number of patients from blindness by the end of December 2021.


As Per Study of National Center for Biotechnology Information and U.S. National Library of Medicine, 19 studies was found of patient with complication of retinopathy and from which 8.6% percent patients of diabetes. TDC has provided More than 3,495 free Consultations to patients having Different eye complications.

Our Goals

Accidents you can't rewind, so be careful not to go blind and help us to save more people going towards the blindness. More than 8 patients with diabetic eye complications are looking help on daily basis in TDC. The each patients cost us 11,150 including medicines, lab services and treatment, minimum cost of their support is 89,200 on daily basis. Due to insufficient funds they returned home without treatment. We are looking more support from our donors, Friends and family members to help us to contribute save vision of deserving people. Because when we unite for one cause the no one left us without treatment.

Sponsor A Foot Care Patient

Foot Care- Save Someone From Amputation

Relationship of diabetes with foot

Complications from diabetes can lead to neuropathy of the feet. A decrease in nerve sensation which can lead to greater problems. But diabetic foot problems can be prevented. Unfortunately, Diabetes patients suffer from a lot of foot issues. Diabetes has a tendency of developing problems in their feet. As we know, about 60 to 70 percent of patients who develop diabetes in their lifetime will also develop neuropathy, which is loss of protective sensation and increased risk of foot problems.


Uncontrolled diabetes may lead to issues of nerve damage in diabetic patients. The Diabetes Centre is proving treatment of Diabetic foot ulcers, multiple abscess, Cellulitis and Gangrene to underprivileged community of Pakistan including Medicines and lab services. The call centre team of TDC monitor patients on weekly basis after getting treatment to ensure the best and timely treatment.

Our Goals

Insufficient funds restrict us from supporting more patients of foot care who are bread earners, and every month more than 200 patients come to us for free diabetic foot treatment. Currently, 2,986 patients are getting free treatment and we hope to treat more in the future. TDC wishes to provide not only treatment, but medicine and laboratory services as well and complete yearly treatment. The cost minimum cost of 1 single patient of diabetic foot care is Rs. 9,000 to 35,000; and our target is to treat 2,400 patients in this year which cost us Rs. 21,600,000 to 84,000,000. We are looking for more donors who will help us contribute to saving the lives of deserving patients.