Pakistan’s diabetes epidemic population is a staggering 33 million people, which ranks the country 3rd in the world for the prevalence of Diabetes.


The Diabetes Centre (TDC) Ambassadors are people living with diabetes or their care partners, who have a desire to help others who have questions about the day-to-day life with diabetes. They volunteer their time by getting involved in both online and offline diabetes activities.

What to Expect as an Ambassador Benefits of Being an Ambassador
Actively participating in discussions within the Ambassador program through a private Facebook group Opportunity to help others living with diabetes through online social media, attending diabetes related events etc
Sharing relevant information both online and offline Access the latest information on Medtronic technology and programs
Attending local diabetes events Ability to provide feedback around products, programs, etc
Being available to answer questions through the Ambassador website Exclusive access to the Medtronic Diabetes team
Staying up to date on current Medtronic products and programs Direct access to the Medtronic Diabetes Ambassador team

You can become Ambassador of TDC If you are;

– Good at communication

– Liaison with the TDC Marketing team for volunteers of your fellows

– An all-rounder student

TDC provides a progressive platform for young students to become responsible citizens by contributing to a cause that is beyond personal interest.

Tasks Responsibilities

• Representing the brand positively in a multitude of settings including Digital platforms.

• Generating brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing.

• Providing feedback and insight on new campaigns and services.


Ambassador Registration is a mandatory process for all ambassadors who wish to represent your institution and become an Ambassador of TDC for the cause of ‘A World without Diabetes and its Complications'.

Ambassador Registration Form

Personal Details and General Information