Through your Zakat, The Diabetes Centre ensures free-of-cost treatment to the deserved. Let's spend your zakat on the deserving patients of TDC.

Zakat refers to a sharia obligation that Islam requires its adherents to fulfill. Zakat is enlisted among the five pillars of faith in Islam. It is a form of charity that Muslims are obliged to pay annually.

Allah (SWT) says,

“You are required to establish prayer and give Zakat. And whatever you put forward for you, you will find it with Allah (SWT).” (2; 110)

Thus, giving Zakat is a divine commandment that the adherents of Islam can never ignore. As one of the Five Pillars of Islam, zakat is a strict obligation for all Muslims who meet the fundamental measures of abundance to help the penniless. It is a required magnanimous commitment, regularly viewed as a duty. The payment and disputes on zakat had caused a significant impact throughout the history of Islam, strikingly during the Ridda wars.

As per Islamic principle, the gathered sum ought to be paid to poor people and the penniless, Zakat authorities, late proselytes to Islam, those to be liberated from bondage, those in the debt, in the cause for Allah and to help the abandoned traveler.

Do you feel sympathetic to those who are in trouble? Do you have an affinity for needy people? For this purpose, you will find The Diabetes Centre as perfect place for your affinity and generosity for your affinity and generosity. Your every penny of zakat will enable TDC to help the needy.