Dr. Ajmal Osman


Dr. Ajmal Osman is an expert in diabetes. he specializes in treating diabetic complications. he knows the prognosis of most aspects of diabetes. Describes the best treatment options for reducing the dangerous effects of diabetes. he provides medical care to families, communities, and individuals based on her well-grounded knowledge of diabetic complications

  • Speciality


  • Education & Certifications
    • M.C.P.S College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan
    • M.P.H University of Health Sciences Lahore
    • M.R.C.P United Kingdom UK
    • LLB
  • Work Experience
    • Consultant Physician Valley Clinic PVT Limited
    • Senior Administrator Margalla Hospital NESCOM
    • Chief Operating Officer Maroof International Hospital
  • Office

    Phulgran Stop, Near Toll Plaza. Islamabad – Murree Expressway


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